God has the future in His hands and we His children are safe there
He is our chain breaker....
i just love this ... Holy Holy Holy are you Lord
This is what my belief and faith is all about
i love this song....
an awesome song sung by a true woman of GOD with a great anointing
i was honoured to spend times with this man while i worked with pastor Benny Hinn. I love this song, sung with passion
In HIS eyes we are flawless ....if we stay at the foot of the cross
This song always reminds me of where i come from before GOD stepped in
Awesome worship song, probably my favourite
One of my fav songs, anointed ....
My dads favourite song...he now sings it face to face to Jesus.
My Saviour My GOD
Just love these words
Sweetly Broken
Can you hear the Echos...
Thank you SO much JESUS. We love YOu
Worthy is The Lamb...
One of my ultimate favourite songs, always find myself singing it.
Who am i ...?
Who am i that you are mindful of me Lord..?
Benny Hinn crusade worship
Worship The Lord with him...