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Written by Tony Sumner on 9. Jun, 2020
NZ Salt and Light Brigade teams up with Jesus Rules Ministries, exciting times as we see the Lord cause strengthening unity by means of Active Christianity
Join with us as we live out our Faith
Written by Michelle Hanna on 28. Mar, 2020
Hi Maarten, Nicky and family,
I have just been checking out your website; you have done a wonderful job.
I have heard Maarten share his testimony and would encourage anyone who wants to be inspired to ask him to share at your church also.
Thank you for being who you are, for always having time for people and for always having God at the centre of all that you do.
Take care and stay safe.
Written by Kirsty Petley on 22. May, 2019
Hi Pastor Maarten. Just stopped in to check out your ministry and your beautiful church. Was so awesome to read your testimony. Life with God is so great, I am learning to walk with him guiding me every day, my life has never felt so right and so whole.
Written by Rev Joan Ranger on 26. Sep, 2018
Interested in your work at Waihou, having preached there on occasions as a 'fill in'
I would like to know more about the beliefs of your Church.
I am a 'retired' ordained minister of the Church of the Nazarene and would be very interested to hear from you. D.V. will endeavour to visit your church within the next two weeks. I live in Te Aroha attending Crossroads Church Pukete.
Your's in His Service.
Written by Angel Joyce on 16. Jul, 2017
hi, just checking out your well organised website. boy has God molded you a lot, like in clay. amazing testimony. i am on the Waimarino Baptist Committee, one of a few. thanks for sending us your link. we have had a few entries that we are looking at. someone will get back to you...not actually sure that I was supposed to write on here, but hey, I decided if people are going to check me and my family out, I would like to know
Written by Nicky on 28. Nov, 2013
Your page is looking great :-) im so proud of you
Written by casey on 13. Nov, 2013
hi daddy , just wanted to say im soo very proud of you. i go on your website all the time it helps alot. youv done so much, youv helped more people then you realise and your a great ro-model. your my hero :) i love you very much and think about you more then you think. xx love cakey
Written by Errol Wright on 16. Aug, 2013
Hi Maarten and Fam

Thank you so much for this morning you truly hit a cord with me and it meant so much as you spoke, most the time was as if you were telling my story coming from an abusive family life, without a father figure and truly struggled after military service I too hated the world…drank as if I was paid to drink…caused soo much trouble and yet never got into trouble…always been a question that…till recently when the Lord revealed to me that He was by my side since a young boy and my life has been kept together by an golden thread. I now spend many a glorious hour minding for the broken and sick at Middelmore ER. I too was in tears this morning but mainly in my heart. I have two beautiful daughters I have seen about 20 times in 6 or so years. I am still trying to figure out why the Lord has sent me around the world away from my loved ones doing His work; besides the Lord in my heart here in NZ I walk alone in His glory. Thanks a mill for this morning and you and your family be blessed in abundance with the gift of righteousness.
Written by Nicky labuschagne on 13. Aug, 2013
You have done an amazing job on your website xxx very proud of you and what you have shared