God's life-changing power

My wife Nicky and I

The reason i am sharing my life story in public is to shame and expose satan, bring glory to Jesus and give hope to anyone who find themselves in a similar situation i once did. I have made myself very vulnerable here and open to judgement, but so be it… Here is a little glimpse into my life and how God's amazing, unbelievable love can change a messed-up life. For many years I lived in complete rebellion towards God. I despised Christians and hated people who were anything but white. In September 1998 God reached out to me in a miraculous way that changed my life forever.

Until then i lived a life full of rebellion and arrogance towards God and all other forms of authority. I bounced at several night clubs and casinos and also did body guarding for some very high-profile public figures. It was a time during which i did and saw a lot of bad stuff. I was known for being fearless and having a very short temper and always ready for a fight and  never found without my knuckle duster in my pocket and firearm on my side. At night after bouncing, I would drive around the streets looking for trouble before i went home. Heavy metal music, with Van Halen's song "running with the devil" was my anthem. As time went by I tried to change as i saw and realised i was hurting others and as strange as it might sound, i didn't always like it. Out of desperation i saw a hypnotist (approximately 15 times) and also a psychiatrist. Nothing worked...my life felt as if it was doomed.

On 5 September 1998 God proved His love for me by starting changes in me that i could not understand after I literally challenged Him one night to change me if He could because nothing and nobody else managed to change me. I told Him that if He could not change me, He had no right to send me to hell one day...That night He removed the anger and hatred for others that haunted me all my life and started changing me, much to the surprise to everyone that knew me. I decided to give my life over to Jesus after that experience as I felt I could trust Him more than anyone i have ever met. I started going to church, got baptised and joined Bible College. I went on to be a Pastoral counsellor at one of the biggest drug rehabs in SA. In NZ Nicky and i worked at the Freedom Life, Te Nikau Addiction Centre in Paraparaumu. I continued and completed my Biblical studies in NZ.  

I found great favour in The Lord's sight and was approached by Pastor Benny Hinn's office to be part of his close protection team and travelled with him to several crusades in different countries all over the world. It was a time that i saw great miracles and experienced the power of God in a big way. This shaped my entire walk and belief in God. I regard pastor Benny as one of the best worship leaders and Bible teachers.  

Although life has at times been almost unbearably difficult and painful, Nicky and i are living proof of God's love and compassion. Jesus never leaves us alone. I am very vocal about the fact that God loves everyone unconditionally and is able and more than willing to restore our lives and use us for His Kingdom and His glory. All we need to do is give Him a chance. He will go on to use anyone who makes themselves available for His service. He does this regardless of our education, race, wealth, gender... When one reads the Bible, we see for ourselves that God can use anyone and anything... He even spoke through a donkey and a burning bush... that should tell us something. It says so in the Bible in the book of Numbers 22 verse 28 and Exodus 3. We are not too dirty or too sinful for Him to forgive and restore. He does this because He loves us, and He does so with a deep love that no man can express or explain.

And what He has done for one, He will do for everyone. He loves us to death my friend; even the death of Jesus...God is looking for people to use and shine His love and light through. All we have to do is give Him a chance. 

I have left out much detail of my life story here because it is simply just too much to write here but will be publishing it in my book im writing. Should you wish for me to share my life story at your church or group, it will be an honour for me to do so. Just send me a message with the details and i will respond as soon as i can. 

Thank you for reading this friend. I trust it blessed you and brought glory to God. 


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I was involved in the AWB (Afrikaner Resistant Movement), a militant Neo-Nazi militant group...until JESUS changed me overnight. What He has done for me, He will and can do for anyone. Just ask Him, its that easy...
Marty doing security for pastor Benny Hinn in Moscow, Russia