From a troubled man to preacher of God

Marty, Charlize and his wife Nicky
Only Jesus can change a lost life and fill it with peace in this way. I went from Running with the devil to walking with Jesus as my Saviour
Marty sharing God's Word


It's a humbling privilege for us as very ordinary people, to be used by God and to evangelise for Him. God is real, He is coming back to take His people to be with Him. However, when that is, no one knows. Our time on earth can come to an end at any time. One just has to go the local cemetery and read the tombstones and we see lives end unexpectedly and at any time, regardless of age or the condition of a person’s health at the time. These are facts. When we think this only happens to others, we are being naive.  We therefore cannot take a chance and gamble with the way we will be spending eternity should we die right now. 

Maarten and Nicky are privileged to be heading up Jesus Rules Ministries at the Waihou Undenominational church .  We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God as proclaimed in the Bible. We believe and live by His directives and instructions given us in Matthew 6 and Matthew 16 and look forward with great expectation to His return as He promised throughout the Bible. 

If you are struggling with something in your life and need prayer, we would love for you to contact us by going to the 'Prayer ' box on the side bar.   

Please accept our invitation to join us at Jesus Rules Ministries church. We would love to meet you personally.

Should you wish for Maarten to share his testimony in your church or group, please contact him on 021 2671525 or by writing me an email message (more detail is provided in the ' Contact Us' box on the side menu bar) and he will get in touch with you as soon as he can.

Greetings and love in Christ

Maarten and Nicky Labuschagne

021 2671525 


Nicky sharing God's Word